Feeling vulnerable
Peope can feel vulnerable on many different occasions in their lives for varied reasons. They may be experiencing discomfort or violence in their own home, in the workplace they may lack confidence in presenting their work, be shy, seemingly less able to make friends than others. Vulnerability can hit us in many different ways time […]
Angry Men and Anxious Women: really?
There are some people for whom I have huge admiration: counsellors who have branched out into teaching other counsellors ways in which they can build their business. Two I know of in particular extol the virtues of having a ‘niche’. They have both succeeded in this, which they’ve successfully promoting their businesses via their websites, […]
Feeling stressed?
Feeling stressed? You’re not on your own! Frighteningly, a report was published earlier this year by the Mental Health Foundation which had the following heading: 74% of UK ‘overwhelmed or unable to cope’ at some point in the past year’. 81% of women said this and 67% of men, with 83% of 18-24 year olds […]
Working alone and feeling it …
Thanks to a recent house move I've met numerous lone workers over the last few weeks, all stretched to point of breaking as they move from one to job to the next, raking in the money, yes, but occasionally at considerable personal cost. Working alone can be difficult. There is no one with whom you […]